Full Power At Drouin

Dean Thompson posted Tuesday January 13, 2009.

Drouin Speedway roared to the sound of the visiting Speedcars on Sunday 11th of January with a handful of drivers backing up from the night previous at Avalon Raceway by making the trip to Drouin in Gippsland. Some wonderful local sponsors chipped in to support the Speedcars with West Gippsland Welding Supplies, Victory Lane Racegear, YGP Trafalgar and DP Blasting adding extra spice with prizes donated to the first four places.

Brad Jackson in his Mopar Aggressor did the job in heat one taking victory from Dean Kavathas, Darren Power, David Crabtree, Craig Smith and Richard Emmerson whilst the second heat was Powers leading home Jackson, Emmerson, Smith, Crabtree and Kavathas.

The final was fast and furious with a drum of methanol up for grabs for first and a right rear tyre for second, steer tyre for third and Racing Optics for fourth. Jackson got away early with Power chasing until Jackson spun sending him to the rear and Power into the lead.

Not long after at the restart Kavathas went high into turn one and collected his right rear on the concrete wall ending his feature race. Power motored on in front without too much trouble to defeat car owner Crabtree, Smith, Jackson and Emmerson. Program Co-Ordinator Matt Eastham was pleased with the Speedcars racing. “The racing was wonderful and they handled the sand based track here well. I hope the Speedcars can continue to gain numbers in Victoria and would love to see them back here next season. Thanks to the sponsors that helped us out here to convince the Speedcars to come out to go racing here at Drouin.”

Division 2 Hot Rods attended with 10 race cars and that meant a lot of competition for locals John Dike Jnr and Trish Dike and visitors Craig O’Connell, Gordon Angus and Scott Laidlaw were the first three home in heat one whilst Gavin Allman, Angus and Rob Tatterson took out placings in the second.

The feature race was fantastic. O’Connell, Angus, Tatterson, Allman and Laidlaw had a wonderful five way battle early in the race whilst both the Dikes were at the back of the field. As the race rolled on, Angus found himself towards the end of the field and John Dike Jnr stormed forward to snatch victory on the last lap coming out of turn two to lead home O’Connell, Tatterson, Trish Dike, Laidlaw, Gordon Angus and Daniel Angus.

Important club category the Standard Saloons once again ran Men’s, Ladies and Junior events. The Juniors had great numbers with representation from Drouin, Alexandra, Moe, Nyora and Rosedale Speedways and it was local driver Cameron Dike and Alexandra driver Anthony Brennan who won the heats before Rosedale’s John Scandrett took out the feature from Cindy-Lee Drewery and Cameron Dike.

Ladies racing was fantastic with Anne Gooding winning all three events however Teagan Bullard did a fantastic job chasing Gooding in the big V8 sedan not letting her get far away at all. Feature race placings Gooding, Bullard and Darlene Parkinson.

Men’s Standard Saloons also had a larger than average entry list with drivers entering next months 6 Cylinder Standard Saloon feature having a go on Drouin to try to get an advantage over others. Four heats were run with Terry Bullard, Leigh Gooding, Jacob Vuillerman and Jarryd Hooper. The feature race was fantastic with a massive fourteen cars finishing complete race distance with the Commodore of Gooding leading home Jason Leonard, Terry Bullard, Shane Ardley and Hooper.

Mini Sprintcars heat victories went to Matt Parsons and then Chris Milton before the feature race was won by Jason Andreatta from Milton and Murray Miles after Ray Aarts had a massive crash coming out of turn four ripping out his front end and damaging his right rear when he collected the concrete wall.

Be at Drouin Speedway February 1st for the annual ‘Riley Memorial’ for 6 cylinder Standard Saloons and the visiting SDAV Hot Rods for their ‘Thunder Down Under’ series and supporting classes.

Drouin Speedway would like to thank the following for their wonderful support:

  • Ramsdale Wreckers
  • Moe Grain & Farm
  • Victory Lane Racegear
  • Drysdale Chaff Mills
  • Logue’s Auto Wreckers
  • West Gippsland Welding Supplies
  • J & J Printing

A Christmas Full Of Feature Events

Dean Thompson posted Tuesday December 9, 2008.

This Sunday the 14th December at Drouin Speedway will see an action packed day of feature event speedway racing with NOS Sprints appearing for the very first time. Street Stocks, Division 2 Hot Rods and the home grown Standard Saloon locals will also entertain at Drouin Speedway ‘The Family Venue’.

The Mini Sprintcars have a most unusual feature race with the ‘Christmas Cup’ being run in an elimination format where at the end of each lap the last car will be flagged infield. This should be most entertaining with all drivers racing to stay away from being last in order to be the last man standing.

Drivers entered for the day include Matt Parsons, Danny Milton & Jason Andreatta in the Mini Sprintcars among 13 entries.

In the NOS Sprints there are already 11 confirmed entries with Tim Fisher, Heidi Bessler, Gary Bowden, Troy Small, Dan Robson, Robert Johnson, Paul Drew, Mark Haby, Grant Attewell, David McKay and Ray Klemm ready to put on action packed 6 cylinder wingless racing.

Street Stock action will include Victorian # 1 Mick Dann and former Australian Champion Brad McClure amongst the entries.

Leigh Gooding, Bruce & Terry Bullard, Anne Gooding, Tegan Bullard and Cameron Dike will all be amongst the competitors whilst the Division 2 Hot Rods include John Dike Jnr from Drouin Speedway.

All competitors need to be in the pit enclosure by 10am with racing beginning at 11am.

Nominations are still being accepted by Mat on 0419321722

Prices for admission are $40 for a family of 2 adults and two kids between 12-16, $15- for Adult, $10 for Age/Invalid pensioner and kids 12-16yrs old.

A NOS Sprint to be in action at Drouin Speedway Sunday 14th December

Blackwell & Galley Take The Spoils

Dean Thompson posted Tuesday November 11, 2008.

Drouin Speedway put on a great days racing on November the 9th with the first two feature race events of the season providing plenty of entertainment for the crowd in what turned out to be a fantastic day weather wise at the Jindavick Road complex.

12 ASCF Sedans parked in the pit enclosure to contest the Victory Lane Racegear Cup whilst 16 Speedway Sedan Australia Juniors arrived to contest the Ramsdale Wreckers ‘Out & About Series’ second round and both events were supported by regular club categories’ such as the Standard Saloons and Mini Sprintcars.

The ASCF Sedans held two heats with Andrew Blackwell the current Victorian Modified Sedan champion winning the first heat from the front row ahead of Production Sedan legend Stephen Laidlaw and Russell Hill in Mick Wolbers Modified Sedan. The second heat didn’t go so well for Blackwell and Hill with both involved in a four car accident down the back straight ending their second heat runs. Blackwell bent a bar into his tyres whilst the front end collapsed and a tyre went down on the Hill race car. Bryan Galley put his VE into the mid turn wall between 3 and 4 and that ended the second heat in a declared result Rodney Burr took the win.

The feature race was a 20 lap affair with positions decided by marble draw. This put Blackwell and Burr back on the third row with Peter Temby, Damian Miller, Nick Hill and Dale Morrison ahead. The first attempt to start was a disaster for Burr who after making a massive lunge down the back straight and taking the lead into the third turn, crashed out into the wall on entry to the fourth turn.

After the re-start it was Blackwell that made his way to the front to lead home Laidlaw, Hill, Kenny Griffey and Peter Temby taking home the Victory Lane Racegear Cup and the cash. All drivers look forward to being back bigger and better next season.

The 1200cc Junior Sedans ran the previous night at Nyora Speedbowl which resulted in Ty Galley from the Drouin Speedway Club winning round one of the ‘Out & About’ series. All drivers accept for the unlucky Marc Montague who crashed badly at Nyora made the trip to Drouin for the second stanza.

Six heats were run with Alexandra Speedway’s Michael Gorman winning all three heats he competed in. Gorman took the first ahead of Ty Galley and Jarrod Woolstencroft. Mitch Whiting took the second from Rhiannon Burleigh and Josh Buckingham.

The second round of heats began with Gorman winning from Galley and Woolstencroft again whilst Whiting led home Burleigh and Buckingham again in the last of the second round. Galley took his first heat victory in the 2nd last heat in front of Whiting and Aronyosi before the final heat was won by Gorman with Burleigh and James Morgan taking the other placings.

The feature race began with the days stand out driver in the Alexandra # 54 Datsun Coupe Mick Gorman, leading the field away with Galley right on his bumper bar. As the race wore on Galley made the right moves and Whiting followed as they both assumed first and second placings and carried those positions all the way to the finish ahead of Gorman, James McDonald and Woolstencroft.

Support races through the day included the Senior Karts with Dale Gourlay and Wayne Packer taking heat victories before Rex Gourlay won the final from Brad King and Mark Kakociski. Wayne Packer made an interesting exit from the race with a roll over after hitting the turn one wall.

In Junior Karts William Vandolark and Jack King took out heat victories before Carly Fleming took the feature race result ahead of Vandolark and Jamie Gourlay.

Tegan Bullard took out both heats in the Ladies Standard Saloons whilst Anne Gooding came good when it mattered by winning the final ahead of Bullard and Sharon Harrison. The Junior Standard Saloons provided a clean sweep by the girls with Melissa Tatterson winning both heats ahead of Cindy-Lee Drewery whilst the final was won by Drewery ahead of Andrew Miles and Tatterson.

The Men’s Standard Saloons produced four different heat winners before the feature race starting positions were determined. John Watson taking victory in the first heat ahead of Bruce Bullard and Andrew Dike. Leigh ‘Poppa’ Gooding was the victor in the second heat leading home Matt Jones and Terry Bullard. The starting positions were then reversed for the second round heats with Shane Ardley winning the third from Terry Bullard and Scott Angus before Jones won the last from Dike and Jason Nash.

The feature race was a run away affair for the V8 Commodore of Leigh Gooding as he took the win from Ardley and Rob Tatterson. Ardley was the first 6cyl car to finish. The win made it a husband and wife double for Leigh and Anne Gooding. The Mini Sprintcars had only four cars entered for the day and the final was won by Ray Aarts ahead of Murray Miles and Mick Aarts making it a Drouin Speedway club triffecta.

The next meeting at Drouin Speedway is December 14th when the Mini Sprintcars, Street Stocks and NOS Sprints have feature events again with the Standard Saloons supporting along with Division 2 Hot Rods. Racing begins at 11am.

Drouin Speedway would like to thank the following for their wonderful support:

  • Ramsdale Wreckers
  • Moe Grain & Farm
  • Victory Lane Racegear
  • Drysdale Chaff Mills
  • Logue’s Auto Wreckers
  • West Gippsland Welding Supplies
  • J & J Printing

Victory Lane Racegear Cup

Dean Thompson posted Sunday November 2, 2008.

Drouin Speedway fires up this Sunday the 9th of November with the first of a number of ‘BIG’ feature events this season involving high profile state and national competitors. This weekend we will have Victorian and South Australian State champions out to play on the Drouin raceway.

Two big events on the state speedway calendar this coming Sunday are the Victory Lane Racegear Cup and the 1200cc Junior Sedan ‘Out and About’ series showcasing the champions of tomorrow with the kids up to the age of 17 competing in their second round of the state series.

The entries for the ‘Victory Lane Racegear Cup’ are impressive. Life member Russell Hill, his son Nick Hill and team driver Kenny Griffey will once again race on home soil and be working hard to defend their turf. Fellow club members Bryan Galley the current South Australian Modified Sedan champion, Jeff Leahy, Darren Pottage and Peter Temby will also do their best to hold out the visitors.

Visitors include Victorian Champion Andrew Blackwell, multiple state champion Stephen Laidlaw, 3 Litre Sedan state champion Rodney Burr and Steve Sutherland from Bendigo. With $500- up for grabs for the winner and prize money through the event, the battle is sure to be on.

The 1200cc Junior Sedans might possibly have over 20 cars. Interest is high in the series this year on the back of the previous season’s break throughs. Look for Mitch Whiting and Victoria # 3 Michael Gorman to be at the pointy end of the field as the kids from Ballarat and Geelong look to come and take the glory all the way back to their neck of the woods

Action from local drivers will be high in the support classes as well, with Mini Sprintcars, Standard Saloons (Men, Kids, and Ladies) and the Dirt Karts sure to provide fantastic action.

Prize money break down for the ‘Victory Lane Racegear Cup’ is $500, $400,$ 300,$200, $100,$50 plus $100 to the first Modified and 3 Litre Sedan and $100 most positions gained in the feature race and $100 for car that travels the furthest distance to race at Drouin.

All competitors need to be in the pit enclosure by 10am with racing beginning at 11am.

Nominations are still being accepted by Mat on 0419321722

Prices for admission are $40 for a family of 2 adults and two kids between 12-16, $15- for Adult, $10 for Age/Invalid pensioner and kids 12-16yrs old.

Keeping It Homegrown And Local

Dean Thompson posted Wednesday October 8, 2008.

Sunday the 5th of October marked the start of the Drouin Speedway season with healthy interest in the racing from the local community and surrounding area’s shown due to the appearance of the VSC Sprintcars at Drouin for the first time in a number of years.

The day was well supported by the Standard Saloon category with the biggest field of entries for the day and they produced great close racing right throughout the day. Mini Sprintcars, ASCF Sedans, Junior & Ladies Standards also entertained on the day.

The VSC Sprintcars were low in numbers, however not low on intent as Wayne Logue, Dennis Jones and Rod Bowman got down to the business of winning. Logue took out heat one ahead of Jones, Bowman, Darren Painter and Graeme Davies. A pole position start in heat two was enough to give Jones the edge on the field as he held position out front against Bowman and Logue whilst Davies was the only other finisher. The feature was a great tussle between Jones and Bowman with Davies holding strong in third. Jones in the ‘Dennis Jones Engineering #7’ was a worthy winner of the first feature holding a 4 car length lead til the end.

The Standard Saloons were evenly matched through the day and in heat one it was a charge from 7th from Bruce Bullard in the ‘Keena Fencing’ Commodore that took him right through to the win ahead of front row starters of Nathan Fawns and Terry Bullard that entertained the crowd. Heat two resulted in pole starter Shane Ardley in his new XF Ford leading home the charging pack with Bruce Bullard who had tagged onto the tail of the Ardley car finishing 2nd and Leigh Gooding taking 3rd.

The feature race started with a drag race into the first team between Bruce Bullard and Ardley with Bullard soon getting the better of the starts and taking the lead. The top four starters cleared out a little from the field and soon encountered lapped traffic which Bruce Bullard carved his way through nicely. Bullard went on to take the 15 lap final from Gooding, Terry Bullard, Ardley, Fawns, Wayne Tooze and Andrew Morris.

The Mini Sprintcars got their season underway with Matt Parsons getting the jump from 4th in his ‘Highpoint Cylinder Heads # 73’ race car to take the chequer flag in heat one ahead of Steve Trewin & former 3 times state champion Ryan McKenna. McKenna was the better trio in the second heat winning from Parsons and Trewin. Come time for the Mini Sprintcar feature Parsons and McKenna blasted away from the pack and battled furiously for just over half race distance, when McKenna pulled infield with engine yips! Parsons led home Trewin and rookie Kevin Bomford.

The ASCF Sedans were supported by the 3 car ‘Ramsdale Wreckers’ team of Russell Hill, son Nick Hill and Kenny Griffey. Russell took the win in the two heats whilst Griffey took out the final ahead of Nick Hill & Russell Hill.

Anne Gooding known locally as ‘Nanny’ took a clean sweep for the day as she won all heats and the feature in her #58 ‘Moe Grain & Farm’ V8 HQ Holden. Sharon Strickland and Sharon Harrison finished in the minor placing’s in the feature.

The Junior Standard Saloons of Cameron Dike and Cindy-Lee Drewry. The 360ci Sprintcar of Peter Logue, the 410ci Sprintcar of Jake Smethurst, the Nos Sprint of Marcus Hams and the Division 2 Hot Rod of John Dike Jnr all put on spirited demonstrations during the day.

Drouin Speedway action returns on October the 19th with an 11am start for Crash ‘N’ Bash. Be sure to be early as the crowd for this one will be massive.