Drouin Speedway Club opened their season on a fantastic warm spring day where 700 motorsport enthusiasts on the 18th of October with the Victorian Crash & Bash Association the head act producing a great forty lap final that seen plenty of hits dished out as Jason McKendry went on to victory.

Standard Saloons, Junior Standard Saloons & the Ace of Spades Vintage Sedans were great supports to the Crash & Bash show with Jeff Blencowe being awarded the Standard Saloon win whilst Matt Bowers took out the Junior Standards with the Ace of Spades being a demonstration event only.

Nine heat races were won by Rob Disher, Jason McKendry, Peter Cox, Craig McKendry, Jason McKendry, Shannon Mair, Cox, Craig McKendry & Glen Bosanko.

With Cox & Jason McKendry qualifying on the front row, it did not take long before cars found themselves in trouble in this contact racing division. Jason McKendry led the race with Disher & Lennie Bonnici amongst those chasing him.

Ricky Born & Daniel Wanders were amongst those causing mayhem whilst Brad Warren, James Kane, Bosanko & Mair were battling amongst themselves trying to get closing to the leaders.

Jason McKendry even had contact with his brother Craig towards the end of the race before Jason took the win from Kane, Mair, Craig McKendry & Disher.

After winning two of the three heats in Junior Standard Saloons, Matt Bowers went on to defeat Gemma Laidlaw in the Junior Standard Saloon final with Jack Yeomans in third place. Laidlaw was also a heat race winner earlier.

In the Standard Saloons Jeff Blencowe, Travis Evans & Leigh Gooding took wins in the heat races before Gooding led from start to finish in the final in his test spec race car which meant he is excluded from official feature race placings. Jeff Blencowe who chased Gooding from the start then was announced the winner from Chris Charles, Mitch Blencowe, Andrew Morris & Andy Hedges.

The Ace of Spades club were very entertaining with their machinery from the 30s through to 60s & with results not mattering to anybody at all Drouin Speedway Club decided to award a trophy to their three favourite cars for the day. Darren Newton, Col Chadwick & Jenny Akkers took out those awards.

Drouin Speedway Club thanks the following for their support:
Alberni Engineering
Amp Works
Berwick Legal
Bob Jane T Mart – Traralgon
Boost 2 Drive
Inaction Photos
JA Signs
Keena Fencing
Laser Electrical
Latrobe Waste Recycling
Leigh & Anne Gooding
Longwarry Meat Safe
Miles Mechanical
Mixalis Machinez
Monckton Concrete
Polish & Shine
Ramsdale Wreckers
TNT Auto Parts
Victorian Crane Trucks
Victory Lane Racegear

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Drouin Speedway Club

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